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Steph + Dan

Mr. & Mrs. Jones

Steph describes how they met and their sweet proposal:

”Danny and I first met in high school back in 2001. We date for almost 3 years and went separate ways when I (Steph) went to college. We kept in touch throughout the years for birthdays and holidays. We occasionally would see each other in passing at sporting events and were always friendly to one another. After grad school I moved back home (2010) and was living w/ my parents for a few years to save up some money to move out. Even though I had been home for a few years before Danny and I actually met to have drinks we would occasionally have small talk via text or social media. One day I received a text from Danny asking if we could meet for a drink and catch up. I said yes and those few drinks and great conversation led us to here 🙂 It’s hard to believe that after almost 11 years of just small talk and friendship we still had a connection w/ one another. We are very different people and I think that’s what makes us so great together. I’m loud, outgoing and very social while he is reserved, quiet and low key. We compliment each other well and have such a great history. We’ve been together over 5 years now and I never thought I would get to marry my absolute best friend. Danny is my biggest supporter and always takes care of me, I have such trust and hope for our marriage 🙂 Our Proposal It was very private, modest and old-fashioned proposal. I think Danny had a lot more planned and everything kind of went south from the time we checked into our hotel. Danny took me away for my birthday to a small B & B in Deale, MD but when we arrived they didn’t have a reservation for us. After a lot of discussion they somehow were able to accommodate us w/ the last room available. It was supposed to be a water front room but instead we were facing the gravel parking lot of a boat marina. Along w/ this, the weather was +90 degrees and the pool was overflowing w/ at least 20 to 30 10 year olds doing cannonballs! We had a very nice lunch and dinner but soon learned that everything in the small town of Deale closes at 10pm. We attempted to have a night cap at the hotel bar but after dropping our food off in our room and upon returning to the bar it had “closed early”. We went for a small walk along the pier outside of the resort that was all of 10 minutes long b/c there were only 20 boats to see. We spent the rest of the evening upstairs in our room watching “John Wick”, which I had not seen. Right before going to bed he asked if I wanted my birthday present and when I looked up he was down on one knee w/ the ring. Our celebratory drink consisted of a small bottle of prosecco that Danny had no desire to drink.”

They have one fur-baby “nugget” a femal yellow lab and they are going to Negril, Jamaica staying at Azul Resort for their honeymoon later this month!

The Wedding:

Steph and Danny got married at Bleues on the water in Glen Burnie, Maryland. I loved the fall foliage, large dock, boat house pavilion (where the wedding took place) and the water. The brides color were green, gray and blush. A beautiful accent to the background and really looked gorgeous on the bridesmaides! The bridal sweet was light and airy and the girls were ready to get the show on the road! They were so helpful, energetic and supportive of Steph on her big day. When they saw her in her dress for the first time, it brought tears to their eyes.  The dress was made for Steph! While upstairs getting ready, the guys were downstairs. We could hear they cheering and carrying on. It’s so funny how different guys and gals get ready for weddings, lol!

Steph and Dan opted for a first look. I love these! She had her dad walk her down to the walkway where she would call Dan’s name to see her in her dress. His face was priceless and they embraced right away. She showed him the back of the dress in a true “Steph” way (you will see in the pictures).  The rain held off long enough for a beautiful ceremony (perfect temperature) and formal pics. It started to rain just as they came in for their grand entrance. During the salad being served, Dan and Steph were amazing sports and went out to the dock with Bob and I to get soaking wet, but capture some breathtaking images int he rain!  I laughed so much at this wedding. There was so much love, support and fun in the air! It was contageous!

The Details:

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