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Maddie’s Rustic Senior Portraits

The Senior

After meeting Maddie and her mom, Catina, I could tell they were incredibly close. Maddie is sweet, gracious, funny, athletic and super photogenic. She said she was nervous at first, but I assured her that is normal. It’s going to be awkward for about 15 minutes then we are going to get into a groove and have fun.

As we walked around Kinder Farm park, finding the perfect light for her senior portraits, we came across some goats. Apparently, goats are her very favorite!! We tried to get the Alpacas to pose, but they weren’t having it (booo). There was also a goat that legit looked like a St. Bernard dog it was so big, lol!

Maddie plays lacrosse and plans on studying in the sports medicine field in college.

Here are just a few from our session together!

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