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Jamie and Pat Engaged!

I met Dr. Pat, through my chiropractor, Dr. Larry Plotkin.  When I found out that Dr. P (as we call him) step-son was going to be a chiro at that office, I was so excited! When Dr. P retires (he has a lot of years left still I am sure), I will still have someone to help keep me out pain.  One day, Dr. Pat came into the room and was chatting about his girlfriend Jamie. He was SO EXCITED that he was getting ready to propose! I gave him my card, but told him that when she says “yes” and checks out our website, it is okay if we are not the style she prefers. Photographers have many styles and approaches. A few days later, Jamie contacted me to set up a meeting. We hit it off right away!

We checked out many places when picking the best spot for this session. After a few place changes, we landed on Fells Point in Baltimore. This is near where Pat and Jamie live. Since the mask mandate was lifted, Fells Point was very busy. It was also a gorgeous night!  Bob dropped Susan and me off at the bar that we agreed on because there was no parking. The only problem with this is we were dropped on the right street, but the wrong bar, lol! Once we met up with them, we walked down near the water line, up to a bar that Jamie’s aunt owns then back down for some sunset pics.

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