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Tanya & Josh Engaged!

The Couple

Josh and Tanya have a lot in common. Other than each other, they both love diving! They visit Roatan often for diving trips. Tanya owns a company called Submerged. While on a trip to Roatan, Summer Dawn sang at the Grand Roatan hotel. This was different than every other time she performs because Josh sang the closing song- “Would You Go With Me” by Josh Turner (I can’t imagine him singing and should have asked him to recreate it, lol!) and ended the song by changing the words to “would you marry me”?  The ring he gave Tanya is a gorgeous yellow gold ring that was Josh’s mom’s.

The Session

We met relatively close to our homes at Kinder Farm Park (fun fact- we only live about 10 minutes from Tanya and Josh!). We chose Memorial Day because Josh works for the fire department with me, but is going through the police academy to become a fire investigator and he had the day off. I told them (as I tell all of my couples) that the first 15 minutes would be completely weird and uncomfortable, but I promised that we would have fun and get used to each other. This is exactly why we do complementary engagement sessions. We laughed SO MUCH! The wedding is going to be amazing! It is also at our favorite venue, Pine Ridge which is an added bonus!

Congrats Josh and Tanya! We are excited to capture your wedding day!


Jamie, Bob and Susan

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