We are Jamie & Bob Howarth. We live in Pasadena, Maryland. We love the change of the seasons and the beautiful backgrounds that nature gives us to create colorful, lively images!  Our twins, Madelyn & Grayson are used to the camera because Momma is always using them for new ideas. They are 6 years old and full of life (and energy!). Our family loves skiing (Jamie learned how to ski 2 seasons ago and you can’t keep her off a trail now).  We also love Jackson Hole, Wyoming and going on cruises (who doesn’t?).  We enjoy meeting new people and can spark up conversations with anyone. This is what makes us so good at what we do!  The love for photography is shared between us!

Our core belief is that everyone deserves to be photographed by someone who’s captivated by the joys in life. Those moments that are unique. Once in a lifetime inspires us. We are honored to have the privilege to be included in your moments in time. Our bride’s always give us amazing feedback with our entire customer service beyond the photograph. Such as “Jamie takes amazing pics and is so creative.”  “We LOVE Bob because he helps with EVERYTHING we need!”.  He has a way of being available for anything and everything thrown at us and the couple on wedding days!. We are used to adjusting to changes and the tight timelines. We work very well under pressure and make a great team! We are more than just capturing your dreams we want to make your experience over all with us unforgettable.

We edit and return your images SUPER FAST! We are very passionate about engagement and wedding photography, but we also shoot family photography and portraits as well.  You could definitely say we are “people persons!”. We look forward to getting to know you and having the privilege of photographing your special moments.


Jamie & Bob Howarth

What’s in a name?

We get asked this regularly. Why are we “Northern Lights Photography” and how did we decide on a logo? So, here is what our name is about. We love to travel and take pictures of some of the most amazing places you will ever come across.  We are both obsessed with the Northern Lights (AKA Aurora Borealis), but we have not actually seen them or photographed them (YET!).  We see “lights” and think of the beauty in capturing light and color. Our images are not “light and airy” for the most part. We are more deep color kind of photographers. That is our style.

The dreamcatcher actually has to do with Jamie’s Dad, Kelly Ivy, Sr. recently passing unexpectedly.  Recently, the dreamcatcher was added to the logo and we have a new design. Jamie’s dad came to her in a dream. They were picking out dreamcatchers. This is not abnormal as she and her dad collected them growing up. She has some really beautiful ones and now her children have them in their rooms as well. Her dad said to her in the dream that shooting weddings, families and events was similar to being a dream catcher. We are capturing people’s dreams through our camera for them to look back on. When she woke up, she had the design in her head and she just applied it to paper. This resulted in a logo change with the slogan “Capturing Dreams”.  We like to think of ourselves as dreamcatchers. Jamie always says when she speaks of her late father “until we meet again in the field of dreams”.