About Us

We are Jamie and Bob Howarth. We live in Pasadena, Maryland and love the change of seasons and the beautiful backgrounds that nature gives us to create colorful images. We both have the Northern Lights on our bucket list. It’s one of the world’s amazing wonders. Our twins, Madelyn & Grayson are used to the camera because momma is always using them for new ideas. They are 5 years old and full of life (and energy). Our family loves the pool in the summer time and skiing in the winter. We also love Disney! (Who Doesn’t?) We enjoy meeting new people and capturing life’s moments for you to share for years to come.



The love for photography is shared between us. We believe that everyone deserves to be photographed by someone who’s captivated by the joys in life. Those moments that are unique. Once in a lifetime inspires us. We are honored to have the privilege to be included in your moments in time. We are very passionate about engagement and wedding photography, but we also shoot family photography as well.

We are “people persons” 🙂

We look forward to getting to know you and having the privilege of photographing your special moments.


Jamie & Bob