Amanda Murvin

Jamie and Bob are a husband and wife pair, that are an amazing photography team! I got married this April, on a beautiful sunny Saturday. I was worried because I hadn’t meet them, but I was impressed by phone conversations and by Jamie’s responsiveness to my emails and questions to my ideas. She did research on my venue and was prepared on my day with her own ideas and suggestions. I HAVE SOME AMAZING PHOTOS! Jamie captured so many moments during that day, sweet and funny, but all meaningful. But more then that, they were there and took charge of things they needed to, they directed bossy family members, multiple times Bob mentored me, and also carried around my plate of food, to make sure I ate! (how thoughtful! :)). Jamie also helped keep an eye on my nephew when all my bridal party got pulled in another direction, and she managed to get some very adorable pictures of him! They made what seemed like chaos manageable and fun! But best of all they did this together and got photos I can cherish forever!

Profile Picture Amanda,  4/14/18,