Gentry + Bubba


September 9, 2017

The Couple:

We met 5 years ago at the Ky Ren Faire, my sister dragged me to Faire to meet him. I eventually began working the Faire and we had a  fliirtationship for a few years, never really stayed in touch but saw each other at KYRF and NYRF. eventually got him to admit that he cared about me, and once that happened we slowly became a couple 5 years in the making. lots of up’s and downs with us, so when you hear how we talk to each other dont be alarmed.. lol. we are both just sarcastic a**holes. we love each other a lot, thats the best way i can describe us (:

The Wedding:

The wedding was at “The Ark” . A farm in PA where Bubba’s family lives. There was a nice white tent set up and a gazebo for the ceremony. It was a monsoon outside and rained like crazy, so the wedding and reception happened in the tent. Honestly, it was a perfect day for a great couple!


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