West Engagement | Codorus State Park

The title of this blog should be “I climb poles for a living so she doesn’t have to”. This is what Rueben said as he geared up to climb a pole for pictures.

The Session:

We decided on Codorus State Park- We found an old abandoned barn that somehow had a pole near the structure. The sun was setting just right that the rays came between the silo.  It was truly a magical session full of laughter, happy tears and an amazing blended family!

Bo adores Rueben’s three girls. You can tell by how she interacts with them and cares of each of their needs. During our session, Bo wanted to ask the girls to be bridesmaids in the wedding. The moment was touching.  This is when I got to see how much the girls also loved Bo. In addition, we can’t forget hazel. A furry, 4 legged family member who has been fitted for a dress to also be included in the nuptials.

Speaking of love, everyone should have someone that looks at them the way that Rueben looks at Bo. It’s unbelievable. Normally, I have to “pose” my clients, but there was no need in this case. As soon as these 2 got near each other the sparks would fly!  Check out the story told in images below 🙂

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