Sarah & Donny Engaged


October 21, 2018

The Couple

Donny and Sarah are both from Maryland, but they met in Arkansas! I feel like this is when you know that you were destined to be! He enjoys playing music and won Sarah’s heart.  With over a foot difference in height between them, they learned to adapt and have the cutest interactions during our photo session.  Sarah’s makeup and hair was done to perfection by Kara Whirls!

Sarah contacted me for a meeting at Starbucks in Annapolis since they plan on getting married at the Chart House. When we met, we hit it off immediately. We talked about life, the upcoming wedding, her gorgeous ring, her fiancé Donny and their pups!  On the day of the engagement session, they got to meet Bob and we decided once the shoot was over that we would grab some dinner at the nearby Rams Head.  I learned a lot about the differences and similarities between them during this.  Donny loves chocolate and Sarah isn’t really into sweets.  They hold hands every where they go (which is super adorable!).  I learned that they are all about an intimate wedding setting and really focusing on each other. They have the perfect mindset for a magical wedding day!  I also got to sit in a Fiat for the first time and found out just how roomy they are!!

We are so excited to capture our new friend’s wedding day!  Looking forward to May!

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