2018- A year of love & rain!


January 5, 2019


Bob and I shot 14 weddings in 2018. Double the number we took on in 2017. In that time we shot almost 40,000 images! These are just the numbers for weddings. It doesn’t include the THOUSANDS of images we took for engagements, family sessions, portraits sessions and other events!  Overall we shot 50+ family sessions/portraits and 3 other large events! As most of our clients know, we have twins who turned 6 this past year. It of course took some planning,  but it turns out, I am really good with my organization skills. We also published “The Bridal Experience”. 

This year was such a milestone year for us! We introduced a better lighting set up and I now have a virtual assistant :)  We upgraded camera equipment. I shoot a Nikon D850 and Bob shoots a Canon 5DS.  I was shooting one camera, but at our last wedding and about a month after my birthday, he surprised me with a second one! 

He hesitated giving it to me at the wedding, but I wore him down until he told me what my surprise was, lol!  I opened the box, dropped a battery in it, set it up and went to work!  I was so excited that I didn’t have to switch out constantly my 2 favorite lenses! (Bob was excited that he didn’t have to carry one around for when I needed it 🙂 )


Below are some of our favorite images from our 2018 weddings. We had so much fun, met the most amazing couples (and their families) and each wedding reminded us of our love for each other. Check out our year in review!

I am starting this section with a huge thank you to my partner in life and photography, Bob! I don’t think people realize how much goes on behind the scenes to really get those once in a lifetime memories! Like holding a veil up and literally running away while we all pray that he and/or the bride and groom don’t fall into the water! It was so worth it though!
Many probably don’t realize this, but Bob is VERY worried about the bride getting food on their wedding day. He also knows that it is a small window when the light is just right. So he follows them around with a plate of food and their drinks so they don’t have to miss out! It takes a ton of planning to miss out on any part of your day! 

Because of his thankless job, Amanda and Jason got to see the beautiful sunset and spend a few minutes together as husband and wife :) In our “about us” section, I think we should add that we LOVE dogs! When we learned that Bo and Reuben were going to have their beloved hazel in the wedding, we were so excited. Bob happily walked her while I ensured that Bo’s dress wasn’t getting wet.  (It rained a lot this year, we have rain pics coming!)When he’s not setting up venues, grabbing food, being a shoulder to cry on for brides, Bob is my second shooter. Those are the times that he captures me doing what I love the most! We have seen our share of brides and grooms show their true emotions!  I have to be honest, I have cried at almost every single wedding I have photographed.  One of the moments that really causes me to tear up is when the father of the bride sees his little girl for the first time. This is hard for me now especially because I lost my Dad on May 9th. We had a wedding less than 10 days later. The bride, Shari was so incredibly understanding and thoughtful! We do everything in our power to give our brides and grooms the best and most memorable experience possible. That evening, Shari took time to chat with me about the loss of her dad. She had a profound impact on me. The people that we meet and the experiences we also have are the main reason why we love wedding photography! Dads are so amazing! We have also seen mom’s and step moms come together so that the bride was the center focus of the day! In this image ^ step-mom is fixing the veil while mom watches from the chair (in the mirror). Such a touching moment! They were so sweet!  I am a woman who loves bling! Poor Bob had to do a lot of balancing to get these rings to sit just right and to hang dresses in the strangest places because I had a “vision”. 

One of the more interesting aspects of our experience with brides are their #BrideTribes! The getting ready part is always fun for me! Bob actually handles it really well too! He is detail oriented and very honest and the girls LOVE that about him! 
On wedding days, brides get to have their fairy tales! They dress in their beautiful gown and go to meet their prince. When I capture these memories, my job is so easy because these ladies have the most natural glow to them! It’s the #AboutToBeAMrsGlow

As I mentioned above, 2018 was the year of…rain! Though most brides are devastated when it rains on their wedding day, we got super lucky! Our brides ROCKED it! They embraced the rain and trusted that we would make MAGIC!Another interesting dynamic of a wedding were the exits! We had a couple sparkler exits this past year! They were SO MUCH FUN!! I can be so creative with lights, fireworks and over the moon happy people. The main thin is, I can not under any circumstances achieve a sparkler exit without BOB! The sparklers have a life span of less than 2 minutes! There is also the drinking and playing with fire dynamic that we deal with when it comes to lighting them lol! 

Last, BUT certainly NOT LEAST, Our mission is 100% happy brides and grooms! This year, more than anything, I think we accomplished our goal! 

Thank you to all of our 2018 brides! We can’t wait to see what adventures 2019 hold for us! 


Jamie and Bob


  1. Beautiful images! You do a fabulous job capturing the emotional moments. And I love the behind the scenes shots!

  2. alissa says:

    I LOVE the rain shots & ring shots! Those behind the scenes were pretty cool as well. Hope 2019 is just as great!

  3. WOW WOW WOW!!!! You have had a knockout year! Wishing you even more success and joy in 2019!! Keep it up girl!

  4. Amy says:

    Beautifully written!! Awesome job with the OCF. You weren’t joking about the rain!

  5. Oh my gosh! This blog is so sweet! I loved seeing the BTS shots of your husband helping and being so sweet! Your pictures are gorgeous! I hope your 2019 is filled with just as much love!!

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