April 24, 2019

Trinity | Senior Portraits

Smart.Funny.Beautiful.Kind.  These are the words I would use to describe Trinity! Another word would be driven (just like her mom, Sheila)!.  Trinity has watched her mom work hard her entire life.  She has made the most of her mom’s example and will be putting her hard work and dedication into becoming a nurse. She decided to go to Salisbury University in the fall. Sheila made a comment about how she will be living on her own for the first time in August. I don’t know how Sheila could say that without tearing up! So many changes coming for Trinity (and Sheila!), but I know her poise, strong will and work ethic will take her so far in life!

I met Sheila when I was in grade school…. the third grade I think?? It is crazy to me that I am taking her daughter’s senior pictures! Life passes us by so quickly.  I can’t believe how grown up Trinity is! I have to be honest, I feel so old. Trinity has “tooth candy”. I had no idea what that was, but I knew she had what appeared to be a diamond on her tooth. It is pretty neat! I am so glad she explained it to me, lol! 

 When I look at some of these images I see so much of her mom.  Sheila, you should be so proud. You have raised an amazing human being who I know will do great things!

Good Luck at Salisbury Trinity! You’re going to rock it!

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