Gabrielle + Samuel


July 1, 2019

It was my pleasure to capture the love between Sam and Gabby who met while working at the Chick-Fil-a near Annapolis. This already had my heart happy since everyone knows I love some Chick-Fil-a!

 It has rained a lot these past few weeks especially in the evening time. Just before our session there was a pretty big thunder storm. It did cool it off quite a bit outside, but it didn’t do much for the humidity! (My lens was fogging up some from it!).

I didn’t have to really do much “posing” for these two. I put them in a general position and just stood back and let them interact naturally. Gabby says it’s easier because they have been together for 5 years. I argue that they have an undeniable attraction and connection to each other that can be seen by anyone!

Sam taught Gabby how to play chess during their time together. She says she has never won, but one day, she is going to beat him, lol! So we had a chess game in the middle of the park and waited to see if today would be here day. Unfortunately, it was not (but there were lots of laughs during the plays).  This is something they play together often and plan on making their own board table after they settle into their new home and are married.

Downs park was chosen for several reasons for this session. The main reason is because Sam (with their doggie present), proposed to Gabby on the “wishing bench”. A sign nearby states “…. Legend has it that if you sit quietly and make a secret wish, your wish will come true.”  Sam got his wish. He is going to be marrying Gabby in this very garden next year!

I can’t wait to capture your wedding! Your love is a joy to be around. xoxo

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