Corey & Keairra


October 9, 2019

The Seniors

I know a lot of my readers are thinking that this post is about fraternal twins— but it isn’t. It is however about a modern day amazing family and two siblings who are graduating high school together! Corey and Keairra are so focused and grounded. When I asked them what the next step is, Keairra said she is already in cosmetology school and wants to become a social worker and Corey has done automotive classes and is very skilled in that aspect. He also has aspirations of becoming a police officer.

Corey is the biological son of Greg Taney and Sherry Ozkan. I know him through Chrissy and Greg Taney. I have had the pleasure of watching him grow up right in front of my lens over the past several years when I shot family pictures.  They are a family of 5! Corey, Keairra, Cassidy, Brooklynn and Kaleigh (Kaleigh is also featured in this blog lol)!

Keairra (and her sister Cassidy) became family in a little more unconventional way.  Greg and Chrissy fostered both Keairra and Cassidy for 2 years. After many court dates, being present and fighting hard for them, Greg and Chrissy were able to officially adopt them on September 18, 2013.   Chrissy and Greg then were able to foster to adopt Brooklynn and finally, got pregnant and completed their family with Kaleigh!

I love so many things about this family. Unconditional and unconventional love.   Greg and Chrissy’s dedication to the “fab 5” (as I now call them).   They are raising some amazing human beings who are polite, compassionate and know what they want in life.  I am honored to know them and blessed to be able to capture these milestones in their family!

The Session

We met at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis a little earlier than planned for fear that it was going to rain. When they arrived, Keairra was excited and Corey… was as I would expect a high school senior boy, lol! He was a good sport. With this session, Kaleigh came along and I had to capture her as well. I will take advantage of any time that she wants to hold my hand and ham up the camera!! She needed to “go to the potty” like 3 times during the session. One time she fell as she was running to the bathroom. I was able to capture Chrissy wiping her tears on the bench from afar.  We were using the bridge and gazebo, but then came along (on a Tuesday) a wedding and a 29th birthday session.  Separate sessions but we all wanted to use the same space lol!  So we made the best of it and still were able to capture a lot of shots!

  1. Sherry Ozkan says:

    These are amazing! You did a great job capturing their essence!
    You can see their happiness!
    Thank you so much! This is my handsome son and his beautiful sister!

  2. Monique Cox says:

    After seeing your photo shoots through out the years with Chrissy & Greg’s family, how beautiful they are .
    I am super excited to get my son’s senior photos done by you.
    Also planning future family photos.

    Looking forward to our 1st shoot with Northern Lights.

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