Crissy & Doug


October 25, 2019

The Couple

Crissy and Doug were on vacation in Punta Canta for a friends wedding . The day after their wedding they invited Crissy and Doug out to dinner.  When they got there, they had to walk through a closed down part of a restaurant. When they turned the corner there was a sweet table for 2 overlooking the water. This really confused Crissy since they were a party of 4 lol! Their friends said “have a great dinner” and left them there alone.  Crissy asked Doug if he knew anything about it and he still played it off like they did the same for everyone who came for the wedding. After dinner and part way through the dessert,  Doug says “I have a surprise for you” and hands Crissy a bracelet box. Once she opened the box, she saw the ring and a sweet note that said “Cristine Wisniewski will you marry me?” She turned to look at him and he was down on his knee!!! All tears and laughter after that.

The Session

I have known Crissy for years! Our paths crossed again when she posted on our community facebook group asking for an engagement photographer. A few neighbors tagged me and I messaged her. I didn’t realize that we were living in the same community now and really really close! Like 2 streets over. So Crissy booked us and decided after chatting that we would also be a great fit to shoot their wedding next October in Delaware.  When I met them for their session, I had only met Doug once before (when we dropped off our bridal guide).  I enjoyed getting to know him and watch him make Crissy light up with his witty comments and fun behavior. I know their wedding is going to be a blast and we can’t wait to share the day with them creating memories!

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