Zane Senior Portraits


November 8, 2019

The Senior

I arrived to the parking lot at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis Maryland and saw Zane in his big, Ford truck, baseball cap, cowboy boots and Carhart pants.  When I chatted with his mom Monique, she gave me an idea of what he would be like.  I have to say, she was being humble.  He is kind, funny, athletic, intelligent and courteous. You can tell he is caring (especially about his momma). He wasn’t “in” to taking Senior Portraits (as most boys aren’t), but he was a great sport!  He plays football for Easton High School. When he graduates he plans on going into a trade school.  He currently works when he isn’t doing school work and football practice.  He seems focused on taking in all of the perks of his senior year and enjoying it! His loves are football and his truck. He is free spirited (as he should be!) and I look forward to seeing what trade school he decides on!

Congrats on your senior year Zane!

  1. Monique Cox - Zane's momma says:

    I am so impressed with this photo shoot, I absolutely love these pictures.
    I can’t thank you enough
    You are awesome!!!!

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