Angelica & Joe Engaged!


November 12, 2019

The Couple:

Angelica and Joe crossed paths at work. They tell their story a little differently though. Angelica says “we have been together for 4 years” and Joe quickly corrects her with “4 and a half”.  Angelica and Joe work in the same building.  When I called to do a consult it was really funny because she said “hold on” and ran down the hall to get him so he could listen in, lol!

We decided on a fall Federal Hill engagement session. The foliage and sunset did not disappoint. I am so glad Angelica thought ahead and decided to wear a pair of comfortable shoes so she could climb the hill before she put her gorgeous red boots on! For every couple I start with “the posing basics”. Joe picked up on the cues quick and had “the nuzzle” down! At one point, I asked Joe to sneak up on Angelica. I told him he had to go slow enough she couldn’t hear him so we could get a genuine response. The first time we did it, he had his tongue out as he was concentrating on his task at hand. When he grabs her, the picture and their faces are priceless. We then took our time getting images with different backdrops until the sun set. I was being super impatient, but my husband, Bob said it was going to be worth it. He was so right. The sun set over Ravens stadium (I know Joe is a Cowboys fan!) like red fire. The sky literally changed by the second.

We can’t wait to capture their college park wedding next year! PS Happy Birthday Joe!!


Jamie & Bob

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