Lauren & Dima Engaged


July 20, 2021

The Session

Ah. Photo sessions in the summer time. It’s a 50/50 chance of thunderstorms and rain every single day. When we scheduled our session with Dima and Lauren, we had to reschedule because the chance of rain that day was more 90%. They were renting in a bed and breakfast in downtown Annapolis, scheduling dinner and making it a date night (which I love). So cancelling once was a struggle, but a second time would be impossible. So I stayed up late watching the weather the night before and prayed we had a 1 hour window in the evening.

We met at Quiet Waters with heavily clouded skies and extra humidity in the air. The good news is, it was not a heat index of 107 like the day before. We were thankful it was a little cooler. So we squeezed the session in and even got a little bit of a sunset. At one point, I placed them on the other side of the “ice rink” (which is water right now) for a grander shot. As soon I started shooting, the water fountain in the middle turned on and scared the heck out of me! I did not fall in though, which is something that always has me hyper-aware around water, lol.

We enjoyed getting to know Dima and Lauren and look forward to capturing their wedding this fall!


Jamie & Bob


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