Corey & Tori Engaged


October 5, 2021

The Couple and Session

Tori and Corey say they met through Facebook “sort of”. Then their first date was at a tractor pull. They got engaged at the same spot. The ring is Corey’s late mothers and holds so much meaning and love.

We met at Jerusalem Mill. I usually pay attention to the events happening at the locations to ensure we aren’t going to interfere. When we arrived at parking lot, it was packed, and so was overflow parking. There were crowds of people who were dressed to go to homecoming. In fact, I thought they moved the homecoming to outside and the park because there were so many people there getting pics. It must be “the place” to go before homecoming. We were able to use different areas of the part for the session where there weren’t a lot of people. I really enjoyed spending time with Corey and Tori learning more about their wedding (shades of purple, my favorite) and their vision for the day. We are excited to capture their wedding next October.


Jamie & Bob

  1. Tina Baker says:

    Congratulations ❤️ what a happy couple. Can’t wait until the big day. Lots of love.💕

  2. Wow Look at you two, so in love Happy and free. Loved the pictures. You two make a great couple.Have since I first saw you together Congratulations

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