Jenna & Aaron Engaged


October 21, 2021

The Couple

Jenna and Aaron are both school teachers at the same school. They teach middle school and met coaching tracking. They have been together for about three years now. Aaron proposed on the back porch of the farmhouse. One Sunday evening, they sat out back on the rocking chairs while the sun was setting. They had an ongoing joke that Aaron had a ring hidden in the house and she had to find it. However, she told him on this evening she was not going to look for it. He then pulled her out of her chair, explained that I was not very good at hide-and-seeks, so he was just going to give her the ring. He pulled it out of a watering can of a garden clock she has hanging on the back porch and got down on one knee.

The Session

The farm this session took place at is Aaron’s family’s farm. When I pulled up, his mom and other family members were outside and a dog. Pretty much what you would expect to see at a farm. We hopped on a golf cart to go toward the entrance of the farm and his momma followed us on the gator. She followed simply because she wanted to see the fun session!  Her dog Rose rode in the back of the gator too. Super cute. Jenna and Aaron were wearing earth-like tones to start their session. I always explain the first 15 minutes are weird, but it gets fun after that. People aren’t used to having their picture taken in this way. We rode around to different places on the farm and took some pics in the corn field, which I loved!  While they were changing, I captured their rings with an ear of corn from the field. Their dog, Remi came out and greeting me the way every Labrador knows how… by licking me and wagging her tail as fast as she can. She wanted to be near her humans, though as soon as they came out and she kept looking for them after that. Aaron, then pulled out a beautiful tractor to complete our session. Those are some of my favorites from the session!

We will be capturing their wedding at Pine Ridge Farm next fall! We can’t wait!



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