Jamie & Pat Married!


May 14, 2022

The Couple

They met in Baltimore in 2016 through a mutual friend (thanks, Matt!). Shortly after meeting, Pat moved to Florida for chiropractic school. They stayed in touch and saw each other whenever Pat came home from school. After a few years, they finally decided to make it official! Jamie was able to enjoy some trips to Florida before Pat graduated in 2019 and moved back to Baltimore.

The Engagement

You can see their engagement session HERE

Jamie’s Story: Outside of our immediate family, somehow Pat was able to keep the proposal a secret. I was under the impression we were going out to brunch with Anthony and Rachael in Fells Point that day. Pat and I woke up to go for a run in the morning around the Canton Waterfront Park. This is where we had our first date but we go to the park frequently, so I wasn’t on high alert. We stopped at a bench and Pat said he wanted to sit down and talk. Even at this point I had no idea because I was still out of breath (and out of shape). After asking me not to interrupt, he asked me to marry him! To my surprise, and my family’s, I cried happy tears all morning. The day continued with a party at my parents house to celebrate with the best family and friends!

Pat’s Story: I knew where and when I wanted to propose, but was very unsure about how I was going to get Jamie to the location of our first date without her being suspicious. After locking down the date with her family, I had Rachael reach out and make “brunch plans” a couple weeks in advance.  In the two weeks that we had those “plans,” Jamie mixed up the brunch date about 50 times which was very stressful! The morning of, I had 5 different ideas of how I could get her to Canton Waterfront Park for the proposal. When we woke up that morning Jamie wanted to go for a run so I had to figure out how to bring the ring along (this took some effort to hide).  I was able to convince her to go on a different route then we would normally take. I stopped in the middle of the run, sat her down and proposed! After she said yes, Anthony and Rachael were there to celebrate with us (even though they were late for the action shot). We spent the rest of the day at her parent’s house to celebrate with friends and family.

The Wedding

Jamie messaged us earlier in the week asking if we had umbrella’s in case it rained. While we do travel with clear umbrellas I thought to myself  “the forecast isn’t calling for rain… it is supposed to be pretty nice”.  Well, wedding day came and it was super foggy, then down poured just in time for our “getting ready” shots. After some convincing, we were able to get the ladies outside with umbrellas. The ladies, in their elegant black gowns with bouquets from Styled braved the rain to get some outdoor shots. We are so thankful we did because one of our favorite shots from this wedding is a black and white of Jamie crossing the street. We finally ended up in someones carport across the street, lol.  Pat and the guys remained inside on a covered porch for a few images prior to the ceremony.  At the church, filled with so much love and happiness, Jamie and Pat embraced, said their vows before God and their families and sealed it with a kiss. Then it was off to the Rehoboth Beach Country Club to party. Something that was important to the couple was getting to their cocktail hour (or as much of it as we could). So we planned quickly to get family formals under an overhang since it was still raining some.  Bob rocked organizing this and we got it finished pretty quickly. Just as we finished, it stopped raining (though still very overcast).  We were able to get some amazing pics of the bridal party then the bride and groom and still had time to mingle at most of their cocktail hour (YAY!!! Success!!).  At the first dance, Pat and Jamie really put on a show!!! We loved the twirls and spins as well the joyous expressions on their faces! Finally! Time to party! They moved Jamie’s grandfather “Grandy” into the middle of the dance floor where he could enjoy the celebration (check out the happy smiles on his face!!). As dinner was served, the sun came out and we were able to capture a pretty amazing sunset to finish out the evening.

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