Jaclynn & Ryan Engaged


October 1, 2022

The Couple

Jaclynn and Ryan from Jaclynn’s POV:
We met out on the Susquehanna river 3 years ago. He was out with friends on his jet ski and I was out with friends on a boat (and a guy I was briefly talking to at the time 🤣) and our 2 groups were hanging out for the day. I hadn’t been on a jet ski in years and just wanted to take a ride so I asked for one and that’s how we met! About a week later I stopped talking to the other guy and Ryan then started messaging me…to which I ignored for 4 months 😳 until finally I was ready to start talking to someone.  Mutual friend of ours got us to start talking (because I was too awkward to make the 1st move after standing him up for 4 months)!

He proposed this January 20th in Disney! We took a family vacation with his family to Disney for the week and we woke up early one morning and took a walk around our hotel. He found a big water fountain and proposed to me there!

The Session

Jaclynn said she wanted her session to be rustic, in nature, and near a stream. Jerusalem Mill in Kingsville, MD was the first place that came to mind! When our couples arrive at their session, we ask that they empty their pockets before we being (so phones, keys, and wallets don’t show up in the pics). Ryan took an old-school flip phone out of his pocket! It was the best thing ever! I told him how Bob hated having all of the “smart” features attached to his phone device and Ryan couldn’t agree more.

When it comes to posing, interacting, and just being adorable, these two required no guidance. I didn’t even have to explain the “nuzzle” to Ryan. He just naturally loved on Jaclynn. While he isn’t big on smiling, he sure had a knack for making her smile! They ventured down into the stream for a few pics, and over to the “ruins’ where we ended with the perfect picture of Ryan lifting Jaclynn for a kiss!

Ryan and Jaclynn are getting married next fall (on my wedding anniversary with Bob!) at Pine Ridge Farm!


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