Anna & Evan Engaged


October 8, 2022

The Couple

As told by Anna:

I was visiting from PA to see my family for the weekend. Evan lived here and his mom was visiting from SC and he had Evie for the weekend. My family and I go downtown and at the same time Evan took Evie and his mom, Donna, downtown too. We were walking opposite ways across the crosswalk (where he proposed) and I saw him from across the way and said (under my breath) “that’s a hot dad.” He was holding Evie’s hand and I assumed his mom was his wife 😂 apparently he heard me so he also was in pursuit of me. Both our families ended up leaving downtown area at the same time and parked in the same parking garage on the same floor. My cousin who was driving said want me to drive by his car? And at this point I was like no, we’re heading back to PA today, what’s the most that could happen? Let’s just go the opposite way. Of course construction prevented us from exiting the garage the way we wanted to. So we had to pass his truck. So we did, and I gave him a small little hand wave, like “thanks man” kinda wave cause I was already nervous and embarrassed that we were eyeballing each other on the streets already. So he ends up pulling out behind my cousin’s car. He’s taking all the same turns we are until eventually we come to a long light where we turn left to go back to my cousin’s house. I thought he’d get in the straight lane and I could maybe wave to him one last time through the windows. Instead!!!! He pulls up behind us and gets out of his truck at the red light. He comes up to my window. I’m slumped in the front seat cause I’m fighting a hangover and didn’t wanna go shopping downtown in the first place. He knocks on my window. I completely black out but my mom and cousin told me what he said lol. He goes “I don’t know if you’re single or not, but my name is Evan and I wanted you to have my number.” Meanwhile, he told his mom back in the truck that I dropped a $20 and he was returning it to me 😂😂

Evan reached out to me to document his proposal to Anna in downtown Annapolis. He proposed in the middle of the crosswalk in front of 1771 G&T restaurant with all of their family and friends watching from the second floor of the restaurant. She was SO SURPRISED! They went right into their engagement party filled with so much love for these two!

The Session

After shooting their proposal, Anna reached out to see if we were available to shoot their wedding (we were and are so excited to capture it!).  It had rained for days from Ian, but the forecast seemed overcast, but dry (thank goodness).  They decided they wanted to have their session at Bancroft Hall at the USNA and around Annapolis. When we got to the Naval Academy, Anna loved the grounds so much we just kept the session there!

Starting in Bancroft Hall, we took advantage of the gorgeous doors and architect. We explored both levels of this gorgeous building while we waited for the rain to slow. When it did, we went outside were so many USNA members were marching along the sidewalks. We finished the session popping some champagne and taking a few candids at their home with their adorably sweet dog Rudy.

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