Liz & Brad Engaged!


November 18, 2022

The Couple

Their Story Told By Liz
It all started when I needed someone to watch my husky puppy. I got the number from my mom. She got the number from her home improvement contractor who originally built her house, John, Bradley’s dad. I reached out to Bradley about watching Ranger and he agreed. When he showed up to my townhouse, there was an instant connection. I got back from my trip and asked him to grab beers at 11 in the morning. We ended up going to Columbia Ale House and spending 3 hours just talking, and it all took off from there. We “officially” started dating September 14, 2019 and a little over 3 years later and here we are!
Bradley proposed on August 11, 2022, the 3 year anniversary of our first date. We drove out to Bonkey’s in New Freedom, PA for ice cream. Bradley insisted that he wasn’t going to propose that day. After splitting 4 different flavored scoops, we walked along the trail for a bit. We headed home, and when we got there, Bradley asked if I wanted to go look at the super moon since it was the last one of the year. As we started going to the back corner of our lot (house coming soon!) where we had planted a Dogwood tree named Andy, I could see a fire pit set up. From there, I knew something was happening. We walked up to the fire and there was a large blanket, black-eyed susans in a vase, bottle of wine, and two glasses. It was beautiful and that is where he proposed.

The Session

Ranger is who really brought these two together so it was only fitting that he was involved with the engagement session. I met Brad, Liz, and Ranger at Bon Air Country Club (where they are members).  Ranger is very “talkative” and was very excited to be there. We were able to grab a few pics of him before handing him off to a family member. It was actually really cold and VERY windy out!  We didn’t let that stop us. From the moment I met these two it was like I had known them forever! They are so natural and fun with each other. It made the session full of a lot of laughs. We rode around on golf carts (I did not drive because I am not amazing at it, lol). Brad build houses and Liz works for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. So we chatted about their plans for their new home and how Liz’s job is going with the current COVID/Flu/RSV.

I am SO EXCITED for their wedding at Pine Ridge Farm next fall! It is going to be so much fun!!

Congrats on your engagement!


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