Jenna & Steven Engaged!


October 7, 2023

The Couple

Told by Jenna:
We met out at a bar one night! My friend and I were sitting next to the bouncer and jokingly asking people for twenty Canadian dollars, Steve called us on our entrance fee scheme and walked away. I turned to my friend and said “that guy is cute, I’m going to go get his number. “ I walked around the bar, couldn’t find him and my friend and I decided to leave. When we went outside to grab our Uber, Steve was outside and introduced himself. We exchanged numbers, he asked me out a few days later and have been together since! Oct. 13th will be 6 years together!

It was a Sunday morning, I was kneeling on the floor in his office talking to him about something and he starts to ask if I’m proposing to him. He starts to joke around and asks me how I would do it if I were to propose, I mumble out a few things awkwardly. He then stands me up and says “now it’s my turn” and grabs a ring from his bookshelf! Apparently it had been “hidden” there for about 4 months and I had no clue lol

The Session

We met Jenna and Steven at Downtown Annapolis for their session. It is close to their wedding venue where they will tie the knot next September. As we pulled up we realized the boat show was there and access to the water was basically non-existent (we obviously aren’t boaters, lol).  So we just made the best of the landscape and explored other areas!  At the end of the session, we did find a worker who allowed us onto a small dock closer to the Naval Academy.  It was also warmer than we anticipated, but we were able to find some fall vibes 🙂

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