Jamie is a mom, wife, dog lover, career Fire Captain (yep, you read that right…for over 15 years!), Jeep lover and purple obsessed. She began shooting 7 years ago when her twins, Madelyn and Grayson were born because she wanted to capture every moment. She is the primary shooter, blogger and main contact for Northern Lights Photography. 

Jamie’s favorite hobbies include skiing, hiking in the mid-west (like Teton National Park, Yellowstone and Glacier National Park, spending time with family and attending little league baseball games.  Hiking and Skiing were introduced to Jamie by Bob when they were dating and now they adventure together.


Bob is a step-dad (to Madelyn and Grayson), also loves dogs, wildlife and nature photography as well as the outdoors. He is a career Battalion Chief with significant experience (over 30 years to be exact!)  He is Jamie’s assistant and handles the business aspect. He also is the person who will be chatting with everyone at events and making sure everything goes right!  He does second shoot for Jamie when warranted, which is amazing because his eye is different than hers allowing for a wide variety in the gallery. 

Bob’s hobbies include skiing, spending time with family, watching outdoor shows with Grayson, traveling to the midwest and cheering on the twins at baseball games! 

Our Family

Jamie and Bob met 15 years ago! They do work for the same fire department, but do not work directly with each other. They became friends long before they realized how much they really meant to each other. They have been married since November of 2016. They were going to get married June of 2017, but decided to elope due to Jamie having Crohn’s disease. This allowed for him to use sick leave and take care of the twins when necessary for work.  Madelyn and Grayson are twins, but look and act nothing alike! They are, however, very close! This family is not conventional (or maybe it is these days?) but it is full of love and adventure! They wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 

All of the pictures on this page are from our favorite place on earth, Jackson Hole, Wyoming! The backdrop includes the Teton Mountain Range. We go every year to enjoy skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, to see wildlife, slow down our lives a bit and just take it all in. We visited in the spring with Jamie’s childhood friend for a dual family vacation. You can read all about it HERE!

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