Sherri + George Married! | Downs Park Maryland

The couple

Though I did not have the pleasure to meet George and Sherri prior to their wedding day, I was referred by a mutual friend so I felt like i had a great idea of how wonderful they are. Sherri has a daughter named Gracie. George married Gracie and Sherri and it was so moving to see. During Sheri’s vows (that she kept in her boot-which I loved!) she said that she was a single mother and had to cancel a date with George because her babysitter canceled last minute.  She ended up having to go away for work, but when she returned there was only one person she wanted to share her experiences with and wanted to talk to so she decided babysitter or not, she was going to have that first date with George! The rest is history 🙂

The Wedding

For a November day, it was a beautiful day, though a little chilly!  The small wedding party and guests arrived for a quant, intimate wedding in “mother’s garden” at Down’s Park.  The bride got out of her car in a gorgeous white lace dress, cowboy boots and… leggings because it was a little cold. Her daughter, Gracie, was close to her momma’s side as they walked up.  Sherri and Gracie, along with Sherri’s dad, hid behind some bushes so George wouldn’t see his bride before she waked down the isle. The guests gathered around a gazebo tucked away in the back of the garden awaiting the bride to be walked down by her father. The ceremony was moving. You could really feel the love not only of the bride and groom, but of the guests that were there to witness them become a family.  Definitely a ceremony to remember!

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