Amanda + Jason


April 15, 2018

The Couple:

Amanda and Jason met through a brother-in-law who set them up on a date (I say he did a pretty good job!). Amanda has a son, Christian who is 15 and looked so happy for his mom on her wedding day.  Jason is an electrician and Amanda is a nurse. Lets just say there is no shortage of sparks between these two!

The Wedding:

Amanda put so much time and effort into every little detail of her wedding. From the dress to the flowers, the invitations, even a photo wall that she had her dad, Frank build. The wall was a hit!  She had something borrowed in a ring from her mother and something blue on their shoes. She had a GORGEOUS lace dress and the weather was warm and sunny! They got married at the Billingsley House Museum in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. One of her “must have” photos was looking out of the window down to Jason. It was such a touching moment before the wedding. Jason had strict rules to not look up at her before she walked down the aisle, but she got to look down at her future and how amazing it is going to be.

Amanda has a mother and step mother who are best friends. They laughed and carried on about life and their friendship (as odd as some people may think it is, they are so fun together!!). They shared the special moments of putting their daughter into her dress, strapping her shoes and putting her veil on.

They were married under a tree overlooking the acres of beautiful scenery by the Best Man’s wife, Heather. Jason and Amanda shared their vows and made promises to their son Christian.  They exchanged rings, a long kiss and they were now husband and wife! (Let’s get the party started!) . At the end of the night after all the cake was eaten, the speeches were finished and everyone was having a blast, Jason reeled in his wife on the dance floor!  Amanda and Jason will be heading off to Mexico for their honeymoon next week!

I really enjoyed this wedding. Bob, my husband was my assistant, and pretty much every one else’s too. He buzzed around helping where he could. He kept the bride calm, directed the bridal party, made sure Amanda had a plate of food to follow her around while taking pictures. He showed so much care and support for everyone. I am so thankful to have him as my assistant and my best friend for this life. I couldn’t ask for anyone better!  Amanda clearly has such a big heart and cares so much for everyone. I think being a nurse is definitely her calling.

The details:

  • Wedding Coordinator: Sandy DeMilio
  • DJ: Greg Jewell
  • Officiant: Heather Abbot
  • Bakery: Kristine “Krissy” Jones
  • Caterer: Be My Guest
  • Bridal Shop: Lace and Lace Bridal Boutique
  • Bridal Gown designer: Eddy K
  • Hair Stylist: Cut Loose: Jan Wissoker
  • Florist: Kerri Ford
  • Rentals: Rentals to Remember
  • Transportation: Diamond Limo
  • Wedding Stationary: Shutterfly
  • Donuts: Sany Pony Donuts


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