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April 16, 2018

Lindsey won a free mini session with me by participating in a contest!  She is an amazing client and I have had the privilege of watching her very smart, beautiful twins grow up through my lens.  It is always a joy to watch them interact together.  Lindsey messaged me and asked if we could do something a little different for this session. She asked if we could keep an eye on the weather and take some puddle pics.  I said OF COURSE! My camera is weather sealed! Lets do this!  So with the downpour last night and an overcast day today, we decided to do it! We met at Kinder Farm where I found the perfect puddle…except when I came back there was a Jeep parked in it (and the parking lot was completely empty- just our luck!) . So we went down the path and found a couple other puddles. When we came back, the jeep was gone and we finished our session….then Momma poured the rain out of Brooklynn’s boots lol!

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