Alexis + Tommy


August 13, 2018

The Couple:

Alexis and Tommy met in high school but did not initially date.  A few years later, they started talking through mutual friends and sparks started to fly! (Kind of fitting for their send off post wedding!)They got engaged on October 27, 2017 at a lake. Alexis really wants a dog and would like her friends and family to talk Tommy into getting one 🙂 Alexis and Tommy are off to Greece – Athens, Mykonos, & Santorini for their honemoon!

The Wedding:

I facetimed, emailed and texted a lot with Alexis before the wedding to ensure everything was just right. The bride and groom got ready at the Sheraton Hotel in Columbia. When I entered the bride’s room it was FULL of energy!  The spirits were so high!  Two Limo’s waited for the bridal parties and we were off to the church! They got married at Rolling Hills Baptist Church about 15 minutes from the reception.  When we got out of the limo we felt some rain drops so we decided to do the formal pictures immediately after the wedding next to the church.  Alexis wasn’t too sure about this initially, but she trusted us and we are so glad she did! It was the best place for lighting to capture the families and when everyone returned to the hotel it was party time!!! I was able to steal the bride and groom away for a few minutes to get some intimate pictures here and there. The reception was lit up purple with beautiful low light centerpieces. This wedding is one of our tops for energy and dancing! At one point, Alexis and Tommy were up on chairs and thankfully, they were put down gently! The love between Alexis and Tommy can been seen so easily and at some points was emotionally overwhelming. One of the guest highlights was the photo booth. Even grandma got some fun pictures taken!  The night ended perfectly with no rain and a sparkler send off that you see in magazines!

The Details:

The Groom was so excited to get married he forgot his socks! Luckily, someone bought extras to the church!

There is nothing better than a dad’s face when he sees his little girl all grown up and gorgeous on her wedding day!

Sealed with a lipstick kiss! 

At one point, grandma was sticking out her tongue at people. In her defense, it was HOT! outside 🙂 She has the BEST personality!

Finally a few minutes to take it all in!! THEY ARE MARRIED!!!

Alexis’ sister, Danielle delivered such a funny and heartwarming speech of their time growing up together as sisters!

Time for some mother/son and father/daughter dancing!

Tommy thought about it for a second…but decided to be a gentleman.

This is one of my very favorite’s from the night!  So sweet and fun!

Tommy, I felt the same way watching you and Alexis in the air lol!

Mr & Mrs. Mullings!

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