Mary & Bob 50 Years!


September 9, 2018

The Couple:

Bob and Mary Mueller met and started dating in college. He went to Virginia Tech and she went to an all women’s college close by.  They spent a lot of time with their friends Sue and Don. Sue went to high school with Bob and when Don and Sue started dating, they all became friends. Sue and Don eventually married. Sue told me last night that she met Mary the day of her wedding. When Mary and Bob were married a year later, Don was in their wedding. Clearly, the 4 of them stayed close through the Vietnam war, through relocations and raising family. When I met Bob last night he immediately pointed Sue out to me and made sure that I got some photos of them with her.  Don, sadly passed last year a few months shy of Sue and Don’s 50th wedding anniversary.  

Bob and Mary have 3 children, 4 grandchildren and have built themselves a beautiful life. They said their success was standing by each other even when it wasn’t easy. They cherished the good, survived the not so good and value the amazing gift they have been given. I got to photograph their wedding bands 50 years later.  A few scratches, but the diamond still sparkles so bright and their marriage is welded together like Mary’s band and engagement ring. To have 50 years of marriage is quite an amazing accomplishment, but to have 50 years of the look that Bob gives Mary…the way they hold each other and how he looks for her in the room… We can only pray that we have even a glimpse of what they have.

The Party:

Quite possible one of my favorite parties to date. This is a SURPRISE PARTY! They did a fabulous job pulling it off. Bob said during his speech that he always taught his children to tell the truth…or so he thought, lol!  How did they pull it off?? Well, their daughter, Lisa contacted them and told them that she would be passing through on the train for a conference and asked if they would like to have dinner with her and her siblings Eric and Chris. They happily accepted. To make it the most authentic, she took a cab to Wilmington, De to the train station for them to pick her up.  This is great, but how do you trick them into not being tipped off when they get to Schaefer’s Canal House and are pointed towards the banquet hall?? Well, when they arrived, Schaefer’s made sure to turn the sign over (3rd picture below), to say ” overflow reservations”.  So when they arrived and said they had reservations, Schaefer’s simply stated that they had so many reservations they had to overflow into the banquet hall. So the hall double doors opened and in walked Bob and Mary….COMPLETELY SURPRISED! The 50ish person party was able to keep the cat in the bag and surprise Mary and Bob with a 50th surprise anniversary party! They came from Massachusetts, New Jersey, Western and Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, and even a phone call from Hawaii. Their actual anniversary is September 14th.

Happy Anniversary Mary and Bob! Here’s to many more!

Special thanks to Schaefer’s Canal House and Liberty Lane Bake Shoppe . Their venue is gorgeous, their hospitality is 5 stars and the cake was one of the best cakes I have ever tasted!

SHHHHH….They are HERE!!! 

 Time for some speeches for the amazing couple!

A little slideshow 50 years in the making! I LOVE the look on Bob’s face! Humble, Proud, Love… 

Everyone having a blast! Telling stories, laughing, crying, reuniting

Don’t be alarmed, it’s sparkling grape juice 🙂 But they may have a glimpse into her early twenty’s lol!

Bob and Mary’s son searched and was able to find a pin for the Vietnam war. He spoke about the patriotism of his parents and sacrifice his mother made during the war. He presented his father with the pin. A very touching and meaningful moment!


They cut the cake. Bob clearly knows the secret to 50 years. The crowd asked if he was going to feed his bride (or smash the cake in her face).  He graciously declined.  Cake cutting this time around was surrounded with Grandbabies and I have to say it was one of the best pieces of cake I had ever tasted!

Here’s to many more Bob and Mary! XOXO

  1. says:

    What a beautiful, loving surprise. Congratulations.

  2. Bonnie Brolsma-Filan says:

    Gorgeous family, gorgeous photos. Happy 50th Bob & Mary. God Bless you for many more.

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