Emily & Earl


October 30, 2018

Earl and Emily

Emily says “We met on a dating app and talked for about 10 hrs straight the first day. After talking for a few weeks, we had our first date at the Baltimore Museum of Art. It was Earl’s idea since he knows I love art”.  Emily cares for people as she is an EMT. Earl recently lost his grandmother, but you could feel her presence in the reception.  So much love for two people! They are in Orlando (Disney and Epcot) for their Honeymoon!  The magic didn’t stop after the ceremony!

The Wedding

Earl and Emily had an engagement session with me a few weeks ago. The weather was beautiful. They lucked out on their wedding day too! It was breezy, sunny and we got a pretty spectacular sunset! The venue was perfect for their intimate ceremony and reception, overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. They honored that with their crab knockers as party favors. The morning of the wedding, Emily was calm and collected. She soaked up every minute of the wedding day.  Her something blue was her shoes, which didn’t last long, lol!  She took them off almost immediately and put on slippers that matched her wedding colors.  The sun poured in the windows at the Kentmorr Restaurant. Family gathered to celebrate two people who, as they say, are destined for each other!

The Details

Photographer: Northern Lights Photography : Jamie Howarth

Venue:  Kentmorr Restaurant

  • Tammy Haper, Kentmorr Restaurant
  • Fred Helms, DJ Musical Experience
  • Michael Seneco (friend of bride)
  • Peace of Cake, Kent Island
  • kukka.com




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