Morgan + Nick Engaged


October 31, 2018

Nick and Morgan have been engaged for almost a year! They have a date set for their wedding and reached out to us to capture their big day! We were so excited to meet them and get to know their story! Morgan is just as bubbly and sweet as I imagined from our emails and texts and Nick…. he was a little shy (at first! As most grooms are), but he warmed up after a bit.  I asked him to “nuzzle” for one of my poses and he thought the word was pretty funny. So we spent the rest of the session trying to find another word for “nuzzle”.  We finally settled on snuzzle lol! Which is a blend of snuggle and nuzzle. Hey, whatever works lol!!  Nick is a true gentlemen. He and Morgan walk holding pinky’s instead of hands. Almost like “pinky promises”.  It’s so sweet! 

We saw deer close by as we went down to the water at Quiet Waters Park. Once the session was over, Morgan said she has Crohn’s Disease.  I stopped in my tracks and said “ME TOO!”.  She was nervous about the session and I was nervous about shooting it. It is a feeling people with Crohn’s Disease get before they do something important and can actually flare our disease.  We have SO MUCH in common and I really think we were both at ease that we understand how the other one feels. I believe that I was destined to be with her the entire day of her wedding (talk about a stressful day!) to help her manage her symptoms and be there for her for more than just photography! Morgan, we can’t wait to be apart of this journey with you and Nick! We are so thankful for you and are very excited about your wedding day! 

  1. Beth Ricks says:

    Love these so much!! 🙂

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