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I was lucky to meet Jenn Kelly at a holiday vendor event in Bowie a few years ago. We became “facebook” friends then we became “real” friends, lol!  where we actually saw each other in person and our kids played together 🙂 .  Her daughter, Rylee is 7 and Deklan is 8.  They are close in age to my boy/girl twins 🙂 . In fact, Rylee and Madelyn wear the same size clothes.  Jenn and Tim have been married almost 10 years!  You can tell his ability to keep her laughing is a key to their happy marriage.  I was so excited when Jenn booked us for her fall family session because I knew it was going to be amazing! They are a super fun and relaxed group and it helps that I interact with Jenn regularly.

Jenn is also a very passionate business woman. She is an ambassador for Peyton Bre. It is a little girls clothing line with the most adorable, fashionable and reasonably priced items (I know because my daughter, Madelyn owns just about everything Jenn sells, lol!) . Her facebook is East Coast Loft featuring Peyton Bre.  Some pictures of her daughter Rylee wearing some of the fashionable clothes are at the end of the blog 🙂

You can join the private facebook group HERE

You can also check out her website HERE

Some Peyton Bre 🙂 . Join the Facebook Group HERE

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