Augustus, Jessica & Kevin | Kinder Farm Park


December 1, 2018

This is one of my favorite stories of how I met a client. I work as a Fire Captain for a local department. Last year, we had a citizen drive to the front of our firehouse frantically upset because he saw a small kitten stuck in the engine compartment! We quickly went to work to rescue the little guy. We were successful.  He was uninjured, dirty and scared. We affectionately nicknamed him “pickles the fire cat” after the famous book. We called Animal Control to pick him up. Jessica was the worker who responded. She cleaned him (we found out that pickles was actually a white cat) and in a short 24 period, he was adopted. Jessica and I stayed in touch through the year.

She contacted me about taking pictures of her rescue dog, Augustus.  (which is the best thing ever since we met over a rescue cat!) I couldn’t wait. Last minute she asked if she and her boyfriend, Kevin, could also get pics with their new pup.  We met at Kinder Farm Park where I realized that I knew her boyfriend Kevin from work! (Small world!).  I was accompanied by Courtney Baker (of Courtney Baker Photography) where we tag teamed this session to capture their true personalities. Gus is the BEST dog and he is very happy with his owners. He enjoys sitting on benches, tolerates sweaters and doesn’t really like throwing leaves. He loves his white play ball and doggy treats!  We really enjoyed capturing his personality and the three of them before it gets too cold 🙂

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