A Kevin + Brooklyn Christmas | Hemlock Tree Farm

Okay, so I wasn’t going to blog any of my sessions from October until now because we have been super busy with sessions (YAY!), however, I can not justify allowing these two little’s pics to go unseen with how precious they are! This is my third Christmas shooting this twinsie duo and this is my favorite session yet. Kevin has one heck of a sense of humor and sweet Brooklyn is just adorable and loving. They kept shouting during the pictures “its a Kevin and Brooklyn Christmas!!!!! I truly enjoy being their photographer and love watching them grow!  I have a special place in my heart for twinsies given that my boy/girl loves are 6 years old!

It is SO VERY HARD to shoot at a tree farm unless you own one or know someone who does. I called around to every tree farm I could find and everyone said the same thing… “We get between 60-70 requests from photographers every year so we no longer allow for them to shoot sessions at our facility”.  When I contacted Hemlock Farm, they said basically the same thing, BUT they did allow us to shoot a session as long as it was during the day, during the week and I had to give them notice of the date and time first. I was so excited!  So, this is the only tree farm session I have this year, but I am hoping I can get more families to take a day to get their picture taken here next year because it is a DREAM!! Go to the farm, cut down your tree and then go to Annapolis Mall and see Santa!


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