Happy Birthday Pop!

Happy Birthday Pop

Today, many are celebrating St. Patrick’s day.  My family will be celebrating my dad, Kelly Patrick (aka Pop).  He was born 64 years ago today.  He died almost a year ago (May 9th).  Since then we have had a lot of firsts as a family.  Today is no different. It’s his first birthday in Heaven. Our first birthday without him. 


He was loved by so many.  When he first passed, the world supported us.  Over time that support starts to fade.  Life returns to “normal” and everyone moves on…. except those who go to pick up the phone to call him just to realize that there is no one on the other end to answer.


Your family, those who really know you will be the ones who remember you, who wish you happy birthday in heaven, who shed tears at night or when a memory creeps into your brain and pulls at your heart.  


Madelyn said today that she is so good at riding her bike because she has her pop with her in her necklace.  She thinks her necklace has Pop inside of it (like mommy’s does).  Everyone knows that Grayson wears his belt buckle from Pop every.single.day.  He lives on.  He lives on because we keep him alive in our hearts, in our thoughts, in our everyday. We go the distance to ensure he is never forgotten. 


We love you Pop.  Everyday! Happy Birthday. 


#IWillMeetYouInTheFieldOfDreams #KPI

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