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May 23, 2019

First Looks

5 Reasons It Is a Must!

First looks are not a new concept, but they do break from tradition. In fact, if you asked me if I would have a first look with Bob, I would say “heck no!” …. yep! I was wrong! After doing some research and considering my timeline, we quickly realized that the first look was a must! We recognize the pressure that you could be under to go the “traditional” route and we have heard all of the sayings “it’s bad luck to see the bride in her dress before the ceremony”. Trust me, we get it, however, I feel weddings in some way have lost their focus and it’s hard to keep focused when the planning and family gets in depth. We know you don’t want to disappoint your Momma and Grandma, but remember this is YOUR day and Momma and Grandma will forget all about it when the day comes! Even though it’s considered “non-traditional”, trust me…ITS AMAZING!  See 5  reasons why we incorporated this into our wedding day and why so many Northern Lights Couples have too!

1:  Alone Time: Consider your timeline. You are getting ready without your BFF AKA soon to be hubby/wife! All of the fun and joy before the ceremony will happen, without them! This made me sad. The other consideration is there is no time for you to take it all in! Once you are married it’s pictures, flooding of family and friends and missed cocktail hour! When Bob saw me in my dress I just loved his face and I got to take it ALL in~ We got to exchange gifts and words prior to walking down the isle. It was really one of my very favorite moments of our wedding day. 

2: Cocktail Hour: You invest time, energy and funds into the biggest event of your life! While you are busy getting pictures taken (since this will be the only time to get pics with you husband), your guests are laughing it up at the cocktail hour!  We got to spend a lot of time with our family and friends.  We got to actually TASTE THE FOOD! We got to enjoy our party! We used the timeline to our advantage and used the time we paid the photographer wisely! 

3: More Pictures:  As mentioned above, you are using the time wisely and re arranging the timeline to work for you!  We have also found that couples who choose a first like end up with at least 25% more images in their galleries! 

4: Your Make-Up: Brides will be FRESH and just finished with their hair and makeup! This will be before the tears at the alter and when you are just looking your best! 

5: Emotions: We hear you guys! Every time we explain (well Bob because he tells it from a guy’s perspective) the emotion of a first look guys say “yes I am 10000x into a first look”. Guys don’t want to cry in front of a lot of people (in our experience with our couples). We have found that they allow themselves to really show their feelings and let their emotion shine through when they are alone with their bride. They feel like they can completely be themselves and aren’t being put on display. We photograph this out of the way and allow you to have your time together. 

We set up our first looks so the bride walks halfway to you (like walking down an isle) and call out the name of their soon to be spouse! This allows them to turn around and get to take in your whole dress and all of you instead of just your face. We have had brides had their dad’s walk them to the spot they will stand before they call out the name and we have had brides not wear their veils for the first look, but did wear them for the walk down the isle as a surprise. 

Bob and I of course will take the very best portraits on your wedding day whether you choose to have a first look or not. We just want to offer our take and experience both personal and professional before you make your final decision! 

– Happy Planning!~

Steph and Dan were able to read their letters together in private just after their first look. They had time to reflect and be together just the two of them!

Rebecca chose to surprise Brian by not wearing her veil during the first look then added it for the wedding ceremony! He didn’t know she had a veil so he was excited and surprised to see it!

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