Melanie + John


May 27, 2019

Bob and I work for the Fire Department and that makes our world that much bigger! This couple was referred to us by a Matron of Honor in the first wedding we every shot! (Shout out to Celeste and Ryan! They took a leap of faith in me and helped me establish myself as a wedding photographer!)  We didn’t know the fire department connection was there until the day of that wedding! Seems that always happens 🙂 Everyone knows everyone!

Anyway (LoL),  when I spoke with Melanie on the phone, she spoke several times of her fiance´ John and how he doesn’t want to take pictures and may not go for an engagement session. So we thought maybe a football themed session would be fun for both of them! I did research and knew that we didn’t have time to request for access inside of the stadium, but there was nothing written that we couldn’t take them outside of the stadium.  When we arrived, one security guard said “have fun” and another said “it’s not permitted” (BOOO) so my husband Bob thought on his feet and suggested Federal Hill (which I love shooting at!).  When we got to Federal Hill the sky was gorgeous and the weather was amazing! We took advantage of the beautiful skyline and even found a way to get M&T Bank Stadium into a picture without upsetting security! At one point, John even said this was way more fun than he expected (WINNING!)

John’s proposal from Melanie’s perspective:

“Ocean city was our first weekend get away. We go every year to celebrate both of our birthdays and our anniversary the first week of March. This March we went and he wanted to walk on the boardwalk as soon as we arrived at the hotel. It was raining so I didn’t want to walk the boardwalk. He talked me into it. As we walked the first block he tried getting me to walk on the beach (in the wet sand) . I walked up to where the boardwalk stopped, then turned around haha. He then walked back with me about another block then kept telling me something was on the beach I needed to see. This time I walked onto the sand but looking at my boots to not get them dirty. I looked up and he was down in one knee holding the ring. In the rain getting soaked I just hugged him and cried. He had to ask me twice if I said yes because I did was crying haha.”

In the images you can see how John lights Melanie up and really makes her laugh. They are so happy together and it shows! PS: He picked out one heck of a ring! It’s some serious bling! “Game Day” is next March at Bleues On The Water (One of our favorite venues to shoot at!

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