Dior + Don


September 15, 2019

Dior & Don Still Do!

Dior and Don are kindergarten sweethearts… well not quite, but they did meet in kindergarten!  They were both born in St. Thomas where they grew up, got married on September 18th, 2009 and had their first son Donte. Don is in the military (Navy), so the family now lives here and it is also where their daughter, Deleah was born.  They decided to have a very intimate ceremony with just an officiant, their close friend (and the make-up artist, decorator and dress fluffer for this event) Jennifer.  Dior said that when they married the first time, she had on a $10 dress. They decided to be a little more fancy this time. The ceremony and location was exactly what they had hoped for.

Though the day was overcast, Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, Maryland was just that… quiet. There were very few people in the park (unusual for a Saturday) which allowed for us to really capture the moments without any distractions.  Deleah walked toward Don with a “daddy here comes mommy” sign. She is a sassy little girl and isn’t very shy either. Donte was a little more shy, but proudly walked his mother over the bridge and down the isle for the ceremony. The look on Don’s face was beaming as he watched the last 10 years of his life walk toward him. It was a moment to give you goose bumps.  They exchanged vows and declared that “they still do” for this 10 year anniversary.

Once the ceremony was over, they were going to dinner. The amazing part about Dior’s dress is that the skirt comes off and it becomes more of a “party dress”.

We were so thankful to be apart of such a special season in their lives.

We wish you many more years of love and happiness!


Jamie & B

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