Amanda + Kyle


September 30, 2019

Amanda and Kyle had a catholic ceremony at St. John Neumann Church in Annapolis, Maryland. The Pastor stated how he baptized Kyle, then his first communion, confirmation and now the sacrament of marriage. This is really special to be present for all of these sacraments for Kyle through his life.

Amanda and Kyle met in college “thanks to a nerdy shirt Amanda’s best friend was wearing while waiting in line in the cafeteria”. Because of that shirt Bethany and Kyle struck up a conversation that led Bethany to introducing Kyle and Amanda. They became fast friends and just a few weeks later they had a conversation that went something like this: “Amanda -Penny for your thoughts? Kyle – Mine are worth more than that. Amanda – How much? Kyle – A date.” They went on a movie date “Warm Bodies” a zombie comedy a week later. Kyle asked Amanda to be his girlfriend by renaming his Pokemon team “will you be my girlfriend?” and showing it to her in the car. That was it for Amanda. Only a man that nerdy could be the one for her. About four and a half years after that first date, Kyle took Amanda to the docks in downtown Annapolis on the coldest, windiest day in November. He compared her to a beautiful work of art with one small flaw. That she lacked his name, but he intended to change that so he got down on one knee.

The wedding was true to their lives. Full of Marvel characters, a little Harry Potter and surrounded by their families and God as they said their wedding vows. They got ready at Kyles parents house, which they built themselves with their own bare hands! They did opt for a first look **which we always recommend** and exchanged their own personal promises to each other. They laughed and loved through this while family watched from a distance. Then came the super heroes dressed as groomsmen and one “deadpool” character to make for some personalized, true to them memories. I can honestly say that I have never had Deadpool in wedding images before lol!. The night ended with their bridal party literally dancing the night away. They played the “shoe” game where you lift the shoe of the person who you think is more of something like better driver, arrives late etc. Kyle and Amanda are going to Williamsburg for their honeymoon. Congrats!

The Details:

  1. Della Hann says:

    It was a beautiful Wedding. I was so happy to be a part of every thing.

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