Mackenzie & Brentin


October 5, 2019

Blessed. The word Mackenzie uses when she speaks of her life, her family/friends, her community… her mom. I can’t even begin to tell you what an honor it was to capture these pictures for them. I am in awe of Mackenzie. She says that Brentin is her rock, but I can tell Mackenzie is a strong woman. Mackenzie’s dad recently posted that she was a “LIT”. Lisa In Training. Mackenzie is a strong woman because she was raised by one.

Mackenzie and Brentin’s story began in October 2018 when he met Mackenzie’s family in a hospital room. This is where her mom, Lisa was as she was undergoing treatment for Leukemia. Mackenzie says she has known Brentin for 10 years, but their real journey began that day.

A year later, in a hospital room, with a ring picked out by Mackenzie’s mom and grandmother (which is the most gorgeous ring I have ever photographed!!) Brentin proposed. The ring had to come from Greens Jewelers… a long standing tradition for the Parks family. Mackenzie got to hold her mom’s hand during the moment and her dad, Tom was overlooking proudly at all he and Lisa accomplished in their long, beautiful marriage. Sadly, a short time later, Lisa passed away with family by her side. Mackenzie says that moment was the most precious. She imagined her proposal with perfect hair, nails and materialistic items. She states that she has learned those things don’t matter at all. Her proposal was exactly how it should have been, surrounded by the people she loves most and she got to really be in the moment.

During this session, I got a glimpse into Mackenzie’s and Brentin’s love. It is fun, romantic, sweet and deep. You can tell that they have been through a lot together and are a strong couple. It was a joy to watch them interact and to take in the moments. They were gracious, loving and playful. They plan on getting married next October during the cooler, fall weather.

Congratulations Mackenzie and Brentin!

  1. Annette Canceran Barnhart says:

    Stunning, truly stunning…the photos and both of you. Love you ❤️

  2. Beautiful story and beautiful couple. Congratulations

  3. Faith Ringler-Stevinson says:

    Absolutely beautiful . Stunning . Your words and photography is wonderful Congratulations to a beautiful couple

  4. Thank you! They are perfect for each other! They were so easy to capture 🙂

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