Caitlin + Dillon Engaged


May 24, 2020

The Couple

Caitlin and Dillon are from Arizona! They are here in Maryland because Dillon is in the Army. Caitlin graduated from Arizona State with a bachelor’s in exercise and wellness. When Dillon went to basic training, Caitlin could not wait for his return! So much so that she planned a photoshoot so they could celebrate his return (and so she could have pics of him in his military uniform ;0).   Dillion found out about this and contacted the photographer to try and change the location to something more “proposal worthy”. When he first suggested the change to Caitlin she thought it was odd, but was in complete disbelief that he would surprise her with a proposal when he returned. Well, sure enough, during the session, he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife! They moved to Maryland in January, but plan on having their wedding with family and friends in Arizona this December. I am praying this pandemic doesn’t have other plans for them!

The Session

Caitlin contacted me in January when they arrived here in Maryland to schedule a session. She wanted it to be in the spring time so we set our sights on May/June…. Then COVID happened. Luckily, some restrictions were lifted in some places in the state. So instead of having our session in downtown Annapolis, we decided to move it to Historic Jerusalem Mill in Harford County to allow for more room and social distancing. Harford was allowing outdoor sessions with proper social distancing while Annapolis was not.

It was a gorgeous day with blue skies and fluffy white clouds… until about 10 minutes before the session , of course. It got really overcast pretty quick. We did have some luck with the sun poking through and clearing up toward the end of our session. I much prefer sun leaking into my images, but the landscape was so pretty we were able to make just about anything work! Caitlin wore two beautiful outfits. She wore beautiful shoes that hurt her feet. I say this because my husband, Bob has a theory that a guy would put on a pair of shoes one time and if they hurt they would throw them out. I, like most women, know some shoes are going to hurt but we endure it to be fabulous! Lucky for Caitlin, she had Dillon to carry her from place to place until she changed into jeans 🙂

When we met there was no hand shake, no touching, keeping space. This is hard for me! I am a hugger!!! When we left it was an awkward “we really want to say goodbye in our normal way but can’t.”  This session is the first engagement session I have had the privilege of shooting since the pandemic and lock downs started back in March. I was so excited to be reunited with my cameras that I could hardly sleep the night before! It felt so good to back into my routine (well sort of, routine from a distance) and just have fun with other people.

Congrats to Caitlin and Dillon! Caitlin you are going to make a beautiful bride!

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