Deji & Jenn Engaged


November 7, 2020

As you will see from these images, Deji and Jenn literally light each other up! They have spent some time now living in different cities planning this wedding. Jenn is in New York and Deji is in Boston, Massachusetts. Well, he was until this weekend. COVID has allowed him to move with her temporarily because he can telecommute.  Once Jenn graduates from school, they plan on moving together to Boston (likely).

When they first arrived, they were both nervous about the session. I reassured them that by the time the session was over, they would both be smiling and admitting that they enjoyed it :).  They warmed up to us and the camera quickly. It was pretty easy to photograph them because the chemistry between them is undeniable. Given the current COVID times, they decided to wear face coverings with meaning (several meanings actually). When they took them out, they both started laughing and insisted that Jenn have the “better” and Deji have “together”. They have a saying about “better together”. Jenn makes them better and Deji keeps them together!  Completely adorable. Deji said several times during the session how smart and pretty Jenn was.

Congrats Deji and Jenn! We can’t wait to capture your wedding next year!

  1. Marty Daks says:

    What a lovely couple!

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