Laura & Matt Married!


December 12, 2020

The Couple

Laura was meeting her girlfriends, Cindy, Laura, and Karen at a bar. When she arrived they told her they wanted her to meet a guy. Laura said “who? the one in the crocs?”  Hesitant, she walked over for an initially awkward encounter. Then, Laura said a quote from a movie they both had seen and that was it. Fate took it from there. Laura’s two kids (Nicholas, Natalie), and Matt’s daughter Cambell joined into a family. Matt and Laura decided to have a furbaby together as well. His name is Finley. He is a Beabull pup. She is quite adorable too. The whole family went on a cruise to the Bahamas in the spring of 2019, and Matt popped the question. Laura joyously said yes!

The Wedding

Laura and Bob have been friends for quite some time. When she got engaged she asked if we were available for their yacht wedding in Pennsylvania, but sadly, we were already booked. The date for that wedding came and went due to cancellation because of COVID. So they rescheduled, and that reschedule date also was canceled due to COVID. So, in October, Laura called Bob and asked what he knew about Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and if he could help her plan to elope there. The response, of course, was yes because it is our favorite place on earth! I feel like I am writing this a lot, but this wedding was very different than their original vision due to COVID. Nonetheless, I think it turned out even better than they could have imagined. Laura called her friends that introduced her to Matt and asked if they would go to be witnesses. They jumped at the chance. So, Bob and I flew out with their friends and arrived with the Teton’s showing their magnificence.  The day before the wedding, December 11th. we took everyone on a snowmobile trip out to Granite Hotsprings to have some fun! Then, on December 12, Laura wore a beautiful white lace gown, cowboy boots, and her grandmother’s fur stole. Matt wore a gray suit with Baltimore Ravens lined inside of the jacket!  She walked down a hallway at The Wart Hotel, to a fireplace on the second floor where she met Matt and immediately gave him a kiss before the ceremony began (love that part!). She said she wanted to be warm when she says her vows! Not a dry eye as we watched them finally take their vows. FINALLY, they were Mrs. and Mrs. Class. We stopped to get some sandwiches and we packed two cars with drinks. We drove around Jackson to get breathtaking pictures. We started at the wedding tree, then to Moulton Barn, a gorgeous tree-lined road with the Tetons in the distance, to the Snake River Overlook, into Teton National Forest, and ended the tour at the famous Jackson Hole Elk Antler Arches. To say it was cold is an understatement. By the end of the night, it was hovering close to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It was so cold my camera was struggling and so were my fingers. The real trooper was Laura who didn’t complain once and did what it took to get the shots she wanted! We had dinner (socially distant) at The Local.

It was a wedding of my dreams to shoot and the wedding of Laura’s dreams too. Succesful and meant to be!

Congrats Matt and Laura Class!



Jamie and Bob


This Wedding Was Made Possible By The Following Vendors:

Photographers: Northern Lights PhotographyJamie (Lead) and Bob (Second)

Venue: The Wort Hotel

Hair: Lisa’s Salon JH

Florals: JH Flower Boutique

Breathtaking Views: Selected by Bob Howarth- Jackson Hole, Wyoming


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