Carly & Zach Married!


May 10, 2021

The Couple

Carly and Zach met in high school. They were actually in the same homeroom class! Then, they went to college together at University of Maryland! As their relationship grew, they had plans to go to Hawaii, but due to the pandemic that trip was cancelled. Zach frantically came up with plan B and proposed at sunset on the National Mall. The rest was history!

The Ceremony

This celebration is being carried out in two parts:  The first is a traditional jewish ceremony at Temple Isaiah. Then, they will be going to Punta Cana with a small group for another ceremony and celebration. When Susan and I arrived at the synagogue, we were thrilled with the greenery around the temple, but not so thrilled with the sky as it looked like it was about to rain.  When Carly arrived and began to get ready, the sky cleared up some. We were able to have the first look near the trees. As we had the family formal photos, it started to rain some, but Carly wasn’t phased by this at all. She had her heart set on getting married outside behind the synagogue and she stuck to it. As they gathered with witnesses to sign the Ketubah, guests were moving the chairs and setting up out back. The Ketubah signing was so emotional. I could feel the JOY in the room! It was so moving.

As Carly began to walk down the aisle, the sun peeked out behind the clouds. They were married under the trees with a perfect ceremony. Zach had a little pressure with the breaking of the glass tradition, but he carried it out like a champ! They kissed and everyone cheered Mazel Tov!!!

These moments make me love my job so much!

Special thanks to Temple Isaiah for the wonderful ceremony and Susan Supko as an associate shooter.

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