Kathryn & Jacob Engaged


April 25, 2021

The Couple

Kathryn and Jacob are completely adorable together. I love a couple that is comfortable with each other (even in front of the camera!). Kathryn told Jacob that she didn’t care if he proposed with a string, that she would absolutely say yes! So, when the time came for Jacob to pop the question, he proposed with a string. She, of course, said yes! She still wears that string along with her beautiful engagement ring.

The Session

We love it when a couple chooses a location based on significance to them. In this case, Kathryn lives very close to Baugher Farm. In fact, her neighbors own the beautiful piece of land. So we decided to capture there. It is such a beautiful location and we had a ton of fun!

We can’t wait for your wedding in October!


Northern Lights Crew

Special thanks to Susan for associate shooting with us yesterday! We are excited to add you to our team!

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