Aubrey & Jennifer Married


September 17, 2021

The Couple

Aubrey is a registered nurse and Jenn is a police officer in Howard County. They met at work (at the hospital) over 4 years ago! Aubrey asked Jenn out for drinks and remembers how she would look at the door every time it would open excited to possibly get to see Jenn. Jenn proposed to Aubrey at work! She got together a few of Aubrey’s coworkers and they pulled off an epic surprise. Aubrey has two children, Mackenzie & Eric, and Jennifer is an amazing step-mom to them. You will see that in these images. There is a special bond between Eric and Jennifer especially that I sense. They also have two dogs and a cat. Their honeymoon is a road trip to the Midwest to raft West Water Canyon on the Colorado River & then tour the National Parks!

The Wedding

When Susan and I arrived Aubrey’s hotel room, the bridesmaids were off the hook! The energy in the room was palpable and they were so excited for the day. After shooting Aubrey and Jenn’s engagement session, I was so excited to capture this wedding. Both brides are kind, funny, and so sweet to one another. Also, what’s more fun than one bride?? TWO!  The venue, florals, dresses, jewelry, everything was GORGEOUS!

Jenn contacted me a few days before the wedding and said there was a long standing joke about what Jenn was going to wear. Whenever Aubrey would ask, Jenn would say “Daisy dukes and a wife-beater”, lol. Since we had a few extra minutes at the venue, Jenn decided to do a first look in exactly what she had been telling Aubrey she was going to be wearing the whole time. It did not disappoint. Aubrey’s face was so nervous and then Jenn called her to turn around. Aubrey laughed so hard! They couldn’t wait to embrace, Jenn shouted to Aubrey “You look so freaking good!!!!”.  I had to actually stop the moment so they didn’t waste it all on the daisy duke outfit, lol!  That video is at the end of this blog! We aren’t videographers, but we couldn’t pass up capturing this! One of the things I notice throughout the day, besides the incredible amount of love, was how Jenn would gently touch Aubrey for support during the more emotional moments. Aubrey also wiped tears when Jenn looked at a charm she added on her flowers for her mom. I am actually tearing up right now writing this.  They don’t take each other too seriously, they laugh, they support, they are truly each other’s best friend. It makes your heart want to burst when you see them together!

At the ceremony, Mackenzie was getting emotional as her moms said their vows. Ben, the officiant (and also works with Jenn) gave an incredible service. When asked “do you take this woman”, Jenn said “hell yeah!” and when Aubrey was asked she said “uh hell to the yeah!”.  Ben then stated “let the record reflect yes”.  the ceremony ended with Ben reciting Dr. Seuss, yes, Dr. Seuss “Oh the Places You’ll Go”. Just after the ring exchange, a rainbow was seen over Jenn’s shoulder. The crowd was whispering that was Jenn’s mom (I am crying again).

At the reception, Aubrey finally got to see the cake topper because it would have given away what Jenn was wearing and this crowd… partied hard!  It literally was a perfect day!


Jamie, Bob, Susan

Click The Link to See the Video:




This Wedding was Made Possible by the Following Vendors:

Photographers: Northern Lights Photography– Jamie (lead), Susan (Second), Bob (Photography coordinator)

Venue: Celebrations at the Bay

Food/Cake: Catering by Uptown

Day of Coordinator: Eileen

Officiant: Ben Carlton

Hair: Nikki Cagle (Aubrey), Michelle Solis (Jenn)

Make-Up: Katie Johnson (Aubrey), Joan Rodriquez (Jenn)

Florals: Sweet Annie’s Flower Truck

DJ: Dale Smack & Jermaine Dixon

Jewelry: Sergio’s Fine Jewelers


  1. Omg this is everything!

    Lots of blessings & love to the brides. This picture are just breath taking 😍
    The video for the first look is something that they will cherish forever. We love it and love both of them! They are amazing and the perfect balance for each other.

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