Julie & Mike Married!


June 11, 2022

The Couple

Their Story as Told by Julie: Mike and I actually met through the dating app OkCupid in spring 2019 (it was an app that I had never tried before after going awhile without dating, and I met Mike within 2 weeks of being on the app) and texted and got to know each other for a month or so before actually going on a date in person. When we met in person we immediately realized that we were meant to be (from the unique interests we had in common, to our senses of humor, and the fact that we had no awkward silences for 3 hours), although we both believed it was too good to be true considering our pasts with dating. Mike and I both quickly realized that we were soulmates and have spent almost every day together ever since! In the time that we have been together, we have experienced so much already and feel like time goes by fast and slow at the same time 🙂 I had a suspicion that Mike was planning on proposing sometime in 2021, however, he completely caught me off-guard by proposing on October 17th 2020! We spent the entire day thrift shopping and that evening he took me to Rye Street Tavern in Baltimore, and asked someone to take a picture of us and then popped the question! I was so surprised!

The Wedding

The wedding and reception were both at Turf  Valley. Julie and Mike wanted soft pastel colors mixed with the greenery in the garden, and soft, romantic, fairy-tale like pictures. They both love nature. In fact, I heard a lot about Mike’s pet turtle “Big Shirley”. When the bridal party had their speeches they spoke about how Julie knew Mike would be an amazing dad because of how well he takes care of his pet turtle (adorable!). The forecast called for rain so the ceremony was moved inside. After much thought, Julie and Mike decided on a first look which we highly recommend. This was the only time during the day they had alone to really take the day in. They also wanted to spend most of their day with their best friend…each other. So a first look was perfect. For photography, we were able to use the garden they were originally supposed to have the ceremony in and the first look gave us two opportunities to get pictures (in case it rained later). Julie has told me several times she was so happy she decided to do it! They got to spend a lot of time at their cocktail hour because of this as well. The day goes by so fast so they wanted to soak up as much time as they could with their guests.

They had an amazing bridal party and the reception was such high energy! The bridal party entered to “Highway to the Danger Zone” (Top-Gun Anyone??). It was amazing! MeMaw topped it by pulling in a young guy by his tie with a glass of wine in hand!  During the reception, the Maid of Honor (Julie’s sister Joy) had an issue with her dress strap coming undone. We carry a sewing kit (and a lot of other stuff!!) so Susan took her into the bridal suite and sewed it back together. She was back out in no time.

Julie and Mike danced the night away (Mike surprised me so much with how much he loves to dance!)  They are going to Costa Rica for their honeymoon.

Congrats Julie & Mike!!


Jamie, Bob, and Susan


This Wedding Was Made Possible by the Following Vendors:

Photography: Northern Lights Photography– Jamie (lead), Susan (second), Bob (coordinator)

Venue: Turf Valley Resort

Hair Stylist: Maria Polyakova

Makeup: Bride did her own makeup (it was gorgeous!) and Aisha Alam did the bridesmaids (they looked stunning!)

Florist: Raimondi’s Florist

DJ/Band: DJ Decibull (Chuck Kelly)

Officiant: Reverend Laura Cannon

Bridal Shop: Elegant Touch Bridal

Bridal Gown Designer: Morilee


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