Mary & Stephanie Engaged!


June 19, 2022

The Couple

As told by Mary and Stephanie:
We met playing kickball in Hampden. After games teams would go to a bar to socialize and play flip cup. Steph spotted Mary during a round of flip cup and afterwards came up and talked to her. Mary had no idea Steph was gay so it took a few weeks before they finally went on their first date.
Our 4th anniversary happened to fall on the day that we moved into our current house. We spent all day moving furniture and then decided to go to dinner to celebrate. Steph proposed in the bedroom right before dinner, it was a total surprise! And then dinner turned out to be a surprise party with our friends and family. A few weeks later, Mary sent Steph on a scavenger hunt all around Baltimore to places that were special.  Each location had a note with a story from their relationship and it ended with Mary proposing to Stephanie at their house.

The Session

Mary and Stephanie both have jobs that make the world a better place. Mary is an Orthotist who makes baby helmets at Cranial Tech. Stephanie works at BGE on the Electric Vehicle team to make MD more EV friendly!  Since I have a PHEV I appreciate the need for a more EV friendly world! We had an earlier date scheduled but it thunder stormed. However, it worked out for the better because the temperature, the humidity, and the sky were perfect! We met at Patterson Park.  This is special to them because they would go here regularly and then go to Bmore Licks for ice cream. They brought their rescued, sweet, loving pup Hattie May. She was named to represent a “southern bell” and May is the month they got her. She wanted to stay close to her moms and really loves to be petted.

We can’t wait to capture their wedding day!


Jamie, Bob, and Susan

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    It definitely is not as well known as its neighbor, Mount Rushmore Such an interesting background, and great work they’re doing for the community

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