Corey & Adam Engaged


September 3, 2022

The Couple

They met at Elizabethtown College, Corey’s senior year and Adam’s junior year. Corey was Adam’s RA. He claims to everyone Corey was giving him “the eyes” one night after she was doing a door to door program in the apartments on drugs and alcohol. Corey says Adam holds on to this, but now realizes it was Corey just being her awkward self lol. Adam pined after Corey for the rest of the fall semester, using the code name “The Falcon” to his roommates whenever he or they would spot her on campus. On Corey’s birthday before winter break, Adam tweeted to Corey wishing her a happy birthday. A few days later Adam decided to slide into her twitter DMs finally making conversation with her and asked her to dinner. They went on a few dates after that and saw each other every day on campus. Adam finally asked Corey to be his girlfriend on a snow day in March 2017. They have now lived together for a little over 5 years and have lived in their home in York for a little over 2.


After many months of Corey bugging Adam to just go ring shopping which he kept pushing off since he already had a ring and was just waiting for the perfect moment to propose, Adam planned a trip to Hilton Head.  He had plans to take Corey out to watch the sunset and dinner which are normal activities the two enjoy while on vacation, he did not want to raise any red flags for her. Adam had it very well thought out and had a photographer lined up to catch the moment. Unfortunately a day into vacation, the two of them came down with COVID for the first time. Since they both would be unable to return to work, they decided to extend their stay.. Adam was not going to let COVID ruin his plans. In retrospect, it was perfect timing and the best way to catch Corey off guard. Their first day out of quarantine, they were ready to hit the town and explore. Adam proposed his sunset and dinner idea and Corey got dressed nicely for the first time in a while given being sick. When they first arrived to a park in Bluffton, SC., Adam was very displeased their was a couple sitting on a hill that he wanted to be at (this is where the photographer had left his mark, an X on a screwdriver). So Corey found them another spot to sit and enjoy the views, but this made Adam nervous since he didn’t know the new place of the screwdriver. He became extremely nervous after Corey plopped herself down on the hill and did not want to move since in her head Adam was upset over losing his spot. Luckily she was a little chilly and Adam worked very hard to get her up to walk to the car and get a blanket giving him a chance to find the screwdriver…  Corey did not want to budge. Adam retuned with the blanket and sat with Corey for a little while. Corey could feel Adam’s heart racing and she asked him if he was okay, he blamed being hot and the recent COVID infection. Finally Adam convinced Corey to do a little exploring since they had more time before sunset and the blanket could save their spot on the hill. As they are walking along Adam tries to corral Corey to the right spot and asks her to come over to this certain area and Corey asks why…. Adam twirled Corey in a 180 saying “because x marks the spot” Corey was very confused and was asking what that means when mid sentence she sees him on one knee. Corey bursts out into laughter finally realizing what Adam was nervous about and why so insistent on getting her up… it truly is a typical Adam and Corey story. It just all made sense. Corey apologized for laughing brought Adam up to a standing position hugged him then allowed him to place the ring on her finger.

The Session

I met Corey and Adam at Adam’s parent’s Farm in Glen Rock, PA.  The lighting was AMAZING, his mom was the sweetest, and I really enjoyed getting to know them before their big day next June at Pine Ridge Farm. There were geese and birds everywhere. The birds made themselves known by pooping on Adam’s shirt about halfway through the session, lol!  He took it like a champ and I assured him you wouldn’t know it was there when I edited the images. I love having a location like this all to ourselves where we were able to take our time.  We eventually drove a truck down by the pond where we finished up with the glowing sun setting!

We can’t wait to capture their day at Pine Ridge this coming spring!


Jamie, Bob, and Susan

  1. Joan Caruso says:

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful story, and beautiful couple!

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